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Vegetable Share Program

Sign up for the 2018 Standard Season, Late Season and Winter Storage shares will start in October 26th, 2017.  

Check out our Vegetable Share Program page for more information.  



Know your Farmer, know your Food!

We are transparent.  We are honest.  We are farmers. 

At Park Ridge Organics, we grow over 40 crops, right here on our soil.  We purchase in a few crops for our share members because we cannot grow them well on our soils: potatoes, corn, strawberries, and winter squash.  That's it. Everything else is grown by us, harvested by us and handled by us.  

Why does it matter?  It matters to us and to our customers.  When someone buys our produce at market, or joins our share program they want more than just vegetables.  They want a connection to their local farm.  We are providing that connection through honest growing and transparent business practices.