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farm diary (aka a blog!)

Posted 2/28/2017 9:17am by Robyn Calvey.

Dear Vegetables,

Aren't you getting excited?!  I know, I know...right now your just a bunch of seeds.  But have no fear, the planting season is almost here!  This week some of you will be getting your start.  Onions, Leeks and Shallots I am talking to you.  Now don't be scared.  The dark soil you will be buried in will actually feel amazing and you will start to notice some changes in yourselves.  Relax, its totally normal.  Everyone beside you is going through the same thing so don't be embarrassed.  I know, the germination chamber does seem like a very scary place but I promise you will only be in that dark, hot closet for about 5 days and then you will be back out into the warmth of the greenhouse so you can stretch your limbs.  

For the first week it will just be you Onions, Leeks and Shallots so behave and keep the greenhouse in good condition.  Next week Peppers, Lettuce and Celeriac will be joining in the fun.  Oh...and some herbs like Oregano, Mint and Thyme.  What?  They stink you say?  Come on now, grow up and stop being a bully.  We all stink at some point (especially you!).  You just wait until you go home with a member and they cut open your stink.  

As for the rest of you tens of thousands of seeds resting quietly in the basement of the farmhouse, your time will come.  Each week for the next 20 weeks someone will come down to save you one by one.  You will all have your day in the dirt.  

Until then, rest well and we can't wait to eat you...I mean meet you!